CHL workshop programs will enable you to seize control of your future, your Hispanic Leadership voice and embrace the competitive advantage of your authentic identity.
The Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) faculty and trainers come from c-suite, corporate, academic, and small business backgrounds. CHL features talent development programs with culturally tailored curriculum that provides Hispanic professionals tools that help them grow and prosper in leadership positions. These programs are delivered via onsite workshops, keynotes, on-line distance learning (i.e. webcasts & webinars), podcasts, reading materials, coaching and assessments.
CHL works with c-suite executives, directors, managers, front line personnel and employee resource groups (ERG's) to provide your organization with full-scale support. Our trainers have lived the experiences, challenges and opportunities that are embedded at each level of the organization. We customize our training programs to support each of their needs.

The premiere CHL program is CHL's new Hispanic Leadership Certification Program. This program is the first of its kind in the United States. It seeks to help talented Hispanic executives and rising stars find their authentic leadership voices and put them to use in bringing growth and innovation to their organizations. It also seeks to help organizations empower and expand the influence of their Hispanic employees by providing them with the tools they need to become effective corporate citizens.
Participation in the Hispanic Leadership Certification Program earns attendees credits toward certification as an Hispanic Business Leader. Participating organizations earn certification as Hispanic-Empowered Businesses. At 50 million strong – and growing – the Hispanic community in the United States represents a potent force for marketing innovation and growth, as consumers, as workers, and as business leaders. The Hispanic Leadership Certification Program will unite, empower, and expand the influence of this powerful majority-minority and help it grow into the role that it needs to play in revitalizing America in the second decade of the 21st Century.
If America's corporations are to flourish once again, their leaders must embrace their cultural values and learn to lead more authentically with speed and agility. The authentic activation of leadership directly impacts businesses as leaders now become extended brand assets for the businesses they serve. Leaders become accountable to manage their own personal employee brands.
We must be more culturally intelligent than ever before in order for our businesses to remain relevant in today's competitive global marketplace. This begins by being more culturally intelligent about ourselves. Organizations must help their leaders reconnect with their cultural roots in order for these organizations to reclaim their authentic spirit. When we embrace our cultural values, we become more culturally intelligent about ourselves and about everyone around us. The Hispanic Leadership Certification Program will push forward the dialogue in America about the contribution of Hispanics to business, to community, and to the entrepreneurial spirit.
Other featured leadership programs that earn credit in the Hispanic Leadership Certification Program include:
1. Discover Your Hispanic Leadership Impact and Influence
Today’s global market demands more from the workforce. All too often, leaders have sacrificed their own identities in the rush of business necessity. Hispanics are now eager to reclaim their personal identities. Recognizing that as leaders – our responsibility is to influence growth, innovation, and opportunity.
CHL’s high-impact training programs focus on helping participants discover their most authentic leadership identity and activate it in ways that come most naturally to them. Culture is the new currency for growth. CHL guides workshop participants to leverage their four innate opportunity management skills and six characteristics that are directly influenced by their Hispanic cultural values that enable their full potential as leaders. We create a highly-interactive learning experience that takes your Hispanic talent through a journey of self-discovery and provides them with the tools and resources to ensure they continue to grow and develop long after the workshop.
Our ultimate goal is to help your Hispanic employees discover their personal brands as leaders and learn how to best use this asset to increase their leadership engagement, high-performance capabilities, and overall contributions to your organization's mission, goals, and business objectives.
The Landscape of Opportunity      Leaving Your Legacy

2. Know Your Hispanics: Converting Cultural Intelligence to Customer Engagement
As the workplace and business landscapes have changed, corporations are losing their impact and influence to perform in this changing terrain. For example, the multicultural footprint of America will reach 54% of its population by 2050, making cultural intelligence, a leadership and business imperative that can no longer be ignored. It is no longer enough to meet the numbers in terms of workforce diversity and to pursue ethnic product/service differentiation, as many companies have done. This cultural lens – more broadly defined as the “immigrant perspective” – holds the key to unlocking business growth and innovation in the next decade and beyond.

While corporations are still warming up to the importance of multiculturalism as a business imperative, a lot of work still needs to be done – and it begins with their leaders becoming more intelligent about the core cultural characteristics of the Hispanic population that is leading the demographic shift in the U.S, which will redefine business models and brand strategies. With consumer purchasing power estimated to reach $1.5 trillion by 2015, Hispanics are an important part of business and the fabric of American society – yet many are not sure how to start a relationship with this emerging Hispanic customer base – especially considering that Hispanics come from different countries with different experiences and customs.

Herein lies the opportunity for companies across all industries to fully understand the mindset of Hispanics and how best to build brand loyalty by tailoring its business strategy, products, services, and internal culture to embrace a customer base that will comprise 30% of the U.S. population by 2050.
3. Latina Advancement: Redefining Success and Achieving our Cultural Promise
The workshop will be based on CHL's framework that features, "The Six Characteristics that Define Hispanic Leadership", and will address the question of how these apply more specifically to Latinas in the workplace. The life conditions that Latinas face as women are different from those Latinos and other groups have encountered. These shaping forces have resulted in unique perspectives and organizational capacities that Latinas bring to their diverse and constantly changing organizations. The stereotypes that often are associated with Latinas are not the same as Latinos or other women. Often, they are viewed differently in organizations and need to develop strategies for advancement that take into account their particular strengths, roles and positions while also being their own authentic personal and cultural selves. This workshop will guide participants to reflect on their own careers as Latinas, their organizational experiences and their plans for further success as they continue to contribute to their organizations' competitive edge.
Participants will develop the awareness, skills, and inspiration to recognize the impact of Latino cultural messages and experiences on current organizational behavior. They will learn how to leverage their core competencies to address key organizational challenges and initiatives, and develop skills to create strategic partnerships to support their career goals.
4. Define Your Personal Brand and Communicate the Power of Your Hispanic Heritage
The goal of this communications workshop will be to apply the (6) core characteristics that define Hispanic talent and to strengthening and sharpening your communication skills around your personal brand.

These characteristics are defined by CHL as follows:
Immigrant Perspective
Circular Vision
Latin Passion
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Generous Purpose
Cultural Promise
Understanding what these characteristics are and how they help define Hispanic talent is only part of the equation. The most critical part is how to make you more relevant and powerful in how you communicate and live these characteristics every day.
Participants will learn to see themselves as others see them, find their own personal communications style, and develop an individual communications development plan for the next year.
Other CHL Training Programs include:
Build the Roadmap for Your Hispanic Leadership Legacy
The Hispanic Professional Advantage: Making Opportunity Matter
Trust Your Brand: Manage Your Brand or Someone Else Will

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“I have a renewed awakening, vision and heightened awareness of my unspoken – until now, Latino inherited work capabilities. Your unique training has enhanced my performance like no other. ”
-- Herman Rodriquez: Director, Business Development, Aetna
“Before taking the CHL program, I had not appreciated the extent to which my Hispanic heritage equipped me to excel in corporate America. CHL's leadership training clearly helped me realize that elements that I had taken for granted about myself; namely, the natural characteristics that define Hispanic leadership, truly are so well attuned to excellence in the corporate environment.”
-- Miguel Centeno, MPA
Regional Director
Community Relations & Urban Marketing Aetna
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