In the Renaissance era, those that recognized the immigrant perspective and their cultural values had a united, empowered and expanded influence on society and advanced their communities. Through that same recognition today, we see the emergence of cultural capitalism and new levels of economic prosperity.
The Center for Hispanic Leadership approach to talent and business development is based on the idea that these two disciplines – building leaders and building brands – are interconnected and dependent on each other.
When there is a lack of diversity at the executive level, it translates down the line into the inability to create effective relationships and communication between the organization's brand and minority groups, particularly the fast-growing Hispanic community. In other words, without a conduit to the authentic Hispanic voice and cultural values, your brand gets lost in translation.

CHL sees this dilemma as two sides of the same coin. While developing Hispanic leaders and thought leaders on one side, who can work from within to build your brand, we also help businesses embrace the immigrant perspective and empower the authentic voice of the vast Hispanic Super-Consumer market. Not only does this build brand loyalty with consumers, it forges a bond with the community that impacts recruitment efforts, employee retention, and executive leadership. Once established, you will have a cyclical connection from your business to the community and back again that grows tighter as their authentic voice and cultural values become more and more interwoven with your brand.
Dating back at least to the Renaissance era, recognition of the immigrant perspective and their cultural values has proven to be of incredible value as a means to unite, empower and expand the influence and advancement of communities. Throughout history it is what has allowed societies to reinvent themselves and move forward. It stands to reason it will have the same effect on businesses. Looking from the immigrant perspective we will begin to see the emergence of cultural capitalism in action…embracing authentic cultural values we will begin to reach new levels of economic prosperity together.
"Mr. Llopis' vision and message of how to best embrace innovation is eye-opening;
I can't put together enough adjectives to describe it.
He is on the cutting edge of a paradigm shift in how we view business and our contributions to the world."
--Karen E. Klein, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
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