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Glenn Llopis
Cuban fusion in the music world means passionate rhythms infused with infectious melodies. In the speaking world, Cuban fusion means one person: Glenn Llopis. Glenn combines the work ethic of his immigrant experience with a passion for innovation, entrepreneurial insights applied to the corporate world, and a concern for the human experience in the workplace. To learn more about Glenn, visit:
Glenn's keynote speeches on leadership, diversity management, innovation, and today's changing workplace environment regularly have audiences on their feet applauding — and eager to put his insights to work.
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Glenn's popular keynote topics:
Why Hispanic leadership can fuel business growth
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Diversity management is the key to growth: make it authentic
Personal employee branding: Thriving in the brave new workplace
Hispanics must enable themselves to cultivate growth for America's corporations
To survive and thrive you must embrace your cultural values
Executive Presence: Why you must have it to improve workplace performance
The Culturalization of the Hispanic Business: Unveiling the New Profit Zone
What Chief Strategy and Marketing Officers Must Know to Build a Sustainable Hispanic Business
Unlock the Hispanic Super-Consumer Opportunity: A Time-Sensitive Business Imperative
Enable Your Employee Resource Groups into a Powerful Advancement Platform
"Too rarely do we hear the voice of the successful Hispanic businessman. Glenn's powerful Hispanic leadership message and hope for a greater voice during these changing times fill a much needed role in the Hispanic world and beyond. Mark my words; he has the charisma, talent and voice to propel the advancement of Hispanics in both business and community."

-Luis Cuneo, Hispanic Market Development – IBM
"Glenn's keynote on 'The Immigrant Perspective' resonated with the audience. Many people lose site of the ethnic origin and heritage and your message reminded us of the importance of embracing the heritage and honoring the diversity of cultures in this great country."

-Nancy J. Di Dia, Executive Director, Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement
Mr. Llopis is a true leader and icon in the initiative for Hispanic leadership. In the near future, when the Hispanic community has realized that it is time to embrace our distinct abilities in the professional workplace, we can advance to rebuild America's corporations. I thank Glenn Llopis and the mission that he is on and I will continue to support and embrace his message."

-Alex S. Mungia, President, Latino Business Student Association
Annette Prieto-Llopis
Annette Prieto-Llopis is the Director of Client Relations at the Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL).
She also serves as a CHL Trainer / Coach and is the Deputy Editor of CHL's Latina Experts Blog.

Ms. Prieto-Llopis is also a contributing writer to
Annette has had an accomplished career in sales and training with more than 17 years of professional experience in both the public and private sectors and brings that practice to CHL.

In addition to serving as CHL's Client Relations Director, Annette works on developing culturally-tailored training to give Hispanic business leaders the tools they need to grow and thrive.
One of Annette's greatest passions is empowering individuals to be their best selves in both their personal and professional lives. She has quickly become a sought after coach and mentor by young Latinas
Annette's popular keynotes topics:
Latina advancement in the workplace: Embrace your cultural promise
Why Latina's innovate differently and their impact on the bottom line
Latina leadership: knowledge, compassion, and empathy
Latinas and their influence in community and commerce
Nick Morgan
Dr. Nick Morgan is a keynote speaker, communications theorist and coach. When he's not wowing audiences with insights into the secrets of powerful communications, he works with executives, professional speakers and leaders to help them understand the science behind what makes an effective, charismatic communicator.
New research gives us a revolutionary insight into how to become more conscious of our non-verbal communication. And it enables us to take control of how we are perceived by those around us. In his keynote presentations, workshops and one-on-one coaching, Nick teaches people how to structure
content that respects the audience – and demonstrates how to use non-verbal communication to gain trust and credibility. Using video clips and extensive feedback and audience participation, people learn what works and what doesn't.
Something imperishable happens when we get people together. Sparks fly, ideas flow, trust builds — and the world changes. Bring Nick into your organization today to increase your team's communication firepower and persuasiveness.
Nick's popular keynote topics:
Every Communication is Two Conversations: how to harness the power of your unconscious mind to persuade others
Reading Body Language for Fun and Profit: how to know when others are ready to agree, fight, or play fair with you
Storytelling for Corporate Communicators: how to tell persuasive stories about innovation, growth, and your company
Latinas and their influence in community and commerce
“Thank you again for doing such a great job for us. The session was truly engaging and useful and fun, and the feedback and commentary on it was uniformly fantastic (making me realize I should have booked more time plus a breakout session).  If you are interested, I'd love to have you back.”

- CIO Magazine
"Thank you so much for joining us yesterday and for your contribution to the program. You were able to energize the room in a powerful way and I think we all took away some very valuable lessons about how we carry ourselves when we speak to other people. This is such an important topic across disciplines and I feel so lucky that we were able to have you there yesterday."

- Harvard University Graduate School of Design
"Dr. Nick Morgan was one of the highlights of our March, 2010 Annual Convention, with a tour de force keynote address that accomplished the seemingly impossible: providing an effective, interactive, how-to primer on public speaking to an audience of over 400 attendees, ranging from sales people to chief executives. He blended humor, science, theatrics and excellent historical examples. I don't know if anyone else could have pulled this off, but Nick Morgan had our audience's attention riveted for the entire two hours."

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