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After losing their country to Castro's revolution in the late 50's, Glenn's father Frank Llopis left his beloved Cuba with his music and his wife Jenny and re-emerged as one of the most highly respected and admired Latin musicians of his time. Known as the first to "cross-over" American Rock-N-Roll with the rhythms and sounds of Salsa and Meringue, Frank Llopis and his quartet "Los Llopis" reached the popularity of The Beatles throughout Mexico, Central America and Spain. Frank Llopis is still regarded today as one of the original Cuban music legends with the likes of Celia Cruz and Beny More.
When Glenn asked his father how he successfully navigated his journey in the face of tremendous adversity, he shared many stories and his wisdom inspired Glenn to start researching and discovering common threads that make immigrants — in this case — Hispanics professionals — great managers and leaders (especially when corporations are in search of new types of innovation and sustainability is at a premium). In 2009, Glenn published his first book - Earning Serendipity, 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work which introduced the Immigrant Perspective on Business Leadership.
As a result of the findings, the Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) was founded.
Prior to his illustrious music career, Frank Llopis graduated from high school at the Massanutten Military Academy in Woodstock, VA and was the first Hispanic to receive a undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University in 1940. After his music career, Frank dedicated himself to his original passion as a chemist for the Miller Brewing company where he was one of three chemists responsible for the original formulation of Miller Lite.
Frank passed away on June 14, 2013. His legacy will continue through the work of CHL.
He was 97 years old.
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