About CHL
CHL is a Thought Leadership, Human Capital and Business Strategy Consultancy Firm
CHL is a nationally recognized thought-leadership, human capital and business strategy consulting firm whose product and service offerings to Fortune 1000 clients include leadership and talent development, cultural competency, career advancement, marketing to Hispanic consumers, business strategy and modeling and workplace culture transformation. CHL’s value proposition is that human capital and business development are interconnected and dependent upon one another. We see talent through the lens of business growth, innovation and opportunity.

CHL's extensive library of culturally relevant content includes published books, eBooks, whitepapers, blogs, etc. that has been featured on hundreds of trade publications, online magazines and nationally syndicated television and radio shows. CHL clients represent best-in-class organizations across multiple industries.
CHL History:
  • A for-profit organization, CHL was founded in 2007 as a talent development institute to accelerate the advancement of Hispanic professionals into senior executive roles.

  • Over the past several years, CHL has focused on helping Fortune 500s leverage Hispanic talent as an enabler for business growth, innovation and previous unseen opportunities.

  • Today, CHL is one of the preeminent thought-leadership, human capital and business strategy consultancy firms whose “cultural characteristics framework and methodology” has allowed thousands of Hispanic professionals reach their full potential. CHL’s unique mastery and understanding of how Hispanics think, act and innovate - has organically led CHL to help market leaders best position their corporate narrative, brand and product offerings and overall Hispanic business model to profitably and most authentically engage with Hispanic consumers.
Vision Statement:
Strengthen America’s Global Competitiveness and Economic Growth Capacity By Enabling the Full Potential of U.S. Hispanics as Leaders and Consumers.
Mission Statement:
Accelerate the Advancement of U.S. Hispanics as Thought Leaders and Consumers to Cultivate Growth, Innovation, and Opportunity for Fortune 1000s and Entrepreneurs.
Success Stories:
  • Led, facilitated, designed the content and co-hosted Hispanic Leadership Academy Summits in partnership with Fortune 500 clients.  Outcomes changed the ways corporate recruit, retain, develop and advance their Hispanic talent.
  • Launched Hispanic Leadership Academy (HLA) in 2012 - the first online interactive video-based and mobile friendly training platform for Hispanic professionals.   Curriculum areas include:  Leadership, Career Advancement and Entrepreneurial Skills.   Over 2500 Hispanics professionals have successful graduated and serve to enable workplace promotions and their career advancement.
  • Launched Know Your Hispanics (KYH) in 2013 – the first online interactive video-based and mobile friendly training platform for non-Hispanic professionals.  Curriculum areas include: Know and Lead Your Hispanic Employees – and Know and Sell Your Hispanic Consumers.
  • Designed the methodology and overall curriculum & content strategy for CHL’s flagship training program – Discover Your Hispanic Leadership Impact and Influence.   Outcomes have included (but not limited to):
  • - CHL has trained more than 5,000 Hispanic professionals across the United States
  • - 30% of participants are promoted within a year
  • - Hispanic employee workplace engagement increased by more than 70%
  • - Hispanic employee self-confidence/trust increased by more than 83%
  • - Hispanic employees share their ideas and ideals 65% more than they did prior to the    workshop
  • - Hispanic employee retention rates increased by 69%
  • - Recruitment of Hispanic employees increased by 41%

  • CHL’s deep expertise and fact-based discoveries of the “Hispanic mindset” has allowed us to understand what triggers Hispanic consumer behavioral cues and how to engage their viral reach for your brand.   In 2013, the CHL Marketing Lab was launched to help organizations build profitable and sustainable Hispanic business models.   One of our first business models was launched in partnership with one of the leading healthcare providers and cancer centers in the world.  The result:  HealthyHispanicLiving.com

  • CHL Founder/CEO, and best-selling author Glenn Llopis is a highly sought after keynote speaker to Fortune 1000 companies and organizations throughout the world.  He is a contributing writer to Forbes, Huffington Post and Harvard Business Review.
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"I was skeptical at first because I was not sure if my training participation was just part of an inclusion plan. After the program, I am a believer and will forever serve as an advocate for the CHL message. I am sincerely grateful to my employer for encouraging me to be my authentic self in the workplace."
--Fortune 500 Executive
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